Thursday, October 29, 2015

"Czech is Utter Madness"

Hello Mom and Dad! This is my check-in email. I will normally have Preparation Day on Thursdays, so that is when I will email, but I am getting time to send you a quick email as part of our internet training. MTC is awesome. Czech is utter madness, but it's super fun. I love it. Food is just fine, lots of it, and pretty decent. I saw Austin (BYU Summer roommate) today working in the cafeteria. My companion is Starší Chadwick. He is 6'6". Needless to say, I feel rather short around him. We are very different, but we still get along really well. Our Zone is pretty sweet. We have elders and sisters going to the Adriatic North mission and Adriatic South mission, which includes Bulgaria, Macedonia, Slovenia, etc. We also have the Slovak elders and Poland people. It's good stuff. So yeah. We just started teaching the language yesterday. We are teaching a lesson in Czech tomorrow. Good times.

-Love Starší Pickett

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