Monday, November 27, 2017

Elder Pickett's Czech Slovak Missionary Companions

Czech/ Slovak Mission Oct 2015- Nov 2017

Mission President from Oct 2015- June 2016
President James McConkie and Sister Laurel McConkie

Mission President from July 2016- end of mission
President Jan Pohořelický and Sister Pavlína Pohořelická

Provo Missionary Training Center Oct 27- Dec 29 2015
Companion:  Elder Aaron Chadwick

MTC District:  Elder Brandon Paxton, Elder Jayden Smith, Elder Drew Marcucci, Elder Aaron Chadwick, Elder Blake Anderson, Sister Ashley DeMann, Sister Sierra Andersen, Sister McKenna Heap, Sister Reagan Humphries

From Elder Pickett's final email home:  I have learned how to work with people from all different backgrounds and parts of the country. Although I have had the same faith as all of my companions, I have seen a wide variety of opinions, experiences, talents, and lives throughout my time here. I have formed friendships that will last for the rest of my life, and have come close to companions in ways that only overcoming difficulties together can provide.

České Budějovice Dec 2015- March 2016
Companion/ Trainer:  Elder Alec Galbraith

České Budějovice March- May 2016
Companion: Elder Connor Dean

Prague May- Sept 2016 (his only 2 transfer companion)
Companion:  Elder Andrew Terry

New Mission President Jan Pohořelický and Sister Pavlína Pohořelická
July 2016- June 2019
Native Czech- both converts to the LDS Church

Prague Sept- Nov 2016
Companion:  Elder Jared Brockbank

Plzeň Nov 2016- Jan 2017
Companion: Elder David Croney

Plzeň Jan- Mar 2017
Companion:  Elder Josh Tingey

Plzeň March- May 2017
Companion:  Elder Blake Anderson

Hradec Králové May- July 2017
Companion:  Elder Jarod Beazer

Zlín July- Sept 2017
Companion:  Elder Will Robinson

Zlín Sept- Nov 2017 (training)
Companion:  Elder Carson Schmutz

My mission is a two year gift that He has given me, 
for which I can never adequately repay Him.
S láskou, Starší  Brad Pickett

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Welcome Home Starší Brad Pickett

25 months later.... we gather at the Sacramento airport...


Here he comes!!!!