Saturday, January 2, 2016

Starší Brad Pickett is in the Czech Republic!

Starší Pickett arrived in the Czech Republic on Tuesday afternoon and here he is with his Mission President, Pres James McConkie and wife Laurel McConkie.  Anxiously awaiting his first Czech email this Monday!!

The Czech District made the 15 hours (or so) journey to the Czech Republic together.  SLC --> Dallas --> London --> Prague.  

From a letter from Pres McConkie that accompanied the picture:  
"Attached is a photograph of Elder Pickett which was taken today just after he arrived in Prague.  Tomorrow, after a good night’s rest, he will be assigned a companion and an area in which to work. You should receive an e-mail from your missionary on P-day. We are confident that the Lord will stand with and bless him as he serves."

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