Thursday, May 26, 2016

Czech Pronunciation Guide For Beginners

Elder Brad Pickett loves the Czech language... he gives us a little glimpse!

A as in father
B as in book
C as in oats
Č as in check, Czech
D as in disco
Ďď soft “d”… no real English equivalent, close to a “dj” sound together
E as in bed
F as in father
G as in gas
H as in help
Ch as in “h” sound with a restricted airflow, honestly really hard to hear the difference between H & Ch (duch= spirit and duh= rainbow)
I as in me
Í as in same “me” but longer
J as in yet
K as in kick
L as in less
M as in men
N as in not
Ň as in soft “n” exactly like ñ
O as in core
Ó same as “core” but longer
P as in pet
R roll the “r”… all of them
Ř good luck with this one, impossible to perfectly describe.  This sound is completely unique to the Czech language!  Woo- hoo!
S as in surf
Š as in shell

T as in ten
Ťť soft “t” also not really a sound in English, kind of like a “Tj” sound
U as in school
Ú same as “school” but longer
Ů same as “school” but longer
V as in very
W as in very
X as in exist
Y as in me
Ý same as “me” only longer
Z as in puzzle

Ž as in pleasure

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