Saturday, August 6, 2016

Halfway Through Already?

Our favorite restaurant for lunch on P-Day. Really good food.

As you may or may not have noticed, the subject of my emails mostly focuses on how fast time moves. This week was so fast that I am struggling to remember anything that happened before Thursday. But I will try.
·  On Monday we met with a new investigator who we met while tracting. He is probably the most in shape 79 year old man that I have ever seen, and he has a very good understanding of the gospel, even without a solid foundational background of any church. He is pretty cool, and he invited us to come back, we just need to find a time that works for him. We also had office meeting, which is the only time that we hear President speak English. Because with us missionaries it is all Czech. We also had FHE, which included a tasty salad and vegetables, made by the Morgans.
·  Tuesday we did several things. We had lunch at a members. He is from Guatemala, and he made us really good, authentic South American, Mexican, and Spanish foods. He is a very good cook and it was very enjoyable. He is also a great member and a great example of missionary work. He invited people to eat with us, but unfortunately, they could not. We also taught English. And we found out that English really doesn't make sense, especially when you try to explain it to Czechs in Czech, using a Czech textbook for learning English. Let's just say that quite a few things get rather mixed up.
·  Wednesday we had a great District Meeting, and we talked about good teachers that we have had, and how we can better listen. It was a good discussion, and we also had really good food after. Thursday we met some cool people, and traveled around the city doing different things, and talking to people as we went. Then at 5 we started our exchange. I was with Elder Trythall. It was a good evening. We taught the law of chastity (both of us for the first time). It went well. We also had a first lesson with a gentleman, and then went home.
Missionary work is tiring. This is Elder Petersen asleep on the floor.

·  Friday morning it was pouring like crazy, but cleared up just in time for us to go outside and contact. We also had a spectacular singing display, as we had two missionaries come in from Liberec who are both great singers, and then three of us Elders from Prague singing at the same time. We had 4 part harmony on a few songs. It was really fun. We also had 2 people not show up for lessons, which is not great, and then played ping-pong and chess for game night. We ended our day with a lesson with a recent convert. It was overall a quick and pretty great week.
·  Responding to a question of “What have you learned from your companion Elder Terry?”   How to be organized and think things out and the importance of being compassionate. 

 We are trying to thaw out our freezer a bit...That is a space heater and a fan to waft the                                                   hot air over.

My spiritual thought for the week is on obedience. Sometimes for us, it seems like obedience is a sacrifice. But that is only because we often forget the bigger picture. The commandments and counsel from God are eternal and are there for our benefit and improvement. When we choose to follow them, we are acknowledging that we do not know everything and that we are listening from advice to someone who does. That is usually  pretty good way to go. When we choose to disobey commandments, we forget the important facts that 1) They are from God, who knows us, and everything perfectly 2) They bring blessings. Always and 3) They help us to keep the Spirit, which leads to even greater knowledge, testimony, and a richness in life. So my challenge for you all is to find something that you can improve on with regards to obedience, and try to do so. I will participate as well. Thank you for all of the prayers and support!

-Elder Pickett

Here is Prague. It is rather pretty.

Here is the Charles Bridge.  I asked Brad why I don't have a picture of him on this famous bridge? We don't go there. It is packed full of 1000000000 tourists all the time.

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