Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Week my Companion Drowned in Office Work and I Left Him Inside


                                                        Elders Pickett & Brockbank

Hello everyone! As you might have guessed by my title, this was an interesting week. Elder Brockbank's list of activities and requirements in the office keeps getting longer with cars and other duties. And mine keeps getting shorter and shorter. Which is fun for me, and not so fun for him. So this week, I did splits with the trio of elders in our district a few times, and Elder Brockbank stayed in the office and Elder Scott was his companion. I will highlight some of the missionary tracting and activities of the week.
  • On Tuesday I went with Elder Geier and we taught a family that is getting baptized next week! They are super awesome, and they are good friends of one of the members here, so we are super excited. It has been really great to see the progress they have made and their preparation. We also went out contacting together and had a few great conversations with people. Hopefully we can lead that into meeting with them.
Prague District 
 Elder Smith, Elder Petersen, Elder Andriarena, Sestra Brown, Sestra Heap, Sestra Boza, Elder Greier, Elder Tingey, Elder Brockbank, Elder Pickett. 
We just bought sweaters today so that we will have matching district sweaters (can't wait for that picture!).

  • On Wednesday we had district meeting and then sang and talked to people. And then we came back and dropped off Elder Brockbank in the office with Elder Scott and I went on a split with President, because he is starting to teach me how to drive stick shift. So that was a little fun and decently unexpected. I can now officially start driving, and change to second gear in a stick shift car. It was really hard at first, because we left the parking brake on, so the engine died twice in a row. But after that it got easier. I haven't really driven it much yet.  I will keep you informed with my progress. We also started an exchange, I went with Elder Tingey. It was a good exchange. 
  • Thursday I had my exchange. We met a few cool people and we contacted all together as a district. We set up a table and played some music and just started talking to people.
  • Friday we had cleaning checks and had a quick lunch and then almost ran to get to an appointment, which fell through. So that was really fun.
  • Hopefully our nation doesn't totally crumble while I am away. Nothing I can about it. I am plenty healthy and my legs look all normal again, don't worry.  
Us in front of the Lennon Wall

  • We listened to Elder Juan Uceda's General Conference talk about meaningful prayers in Czech, but I read it in English later. It was a really great talk. That is something that I have seen make a real difference on my mission, and something that has changed as well: how I pray. Thank you for the prayers.
  • It has been a while since I have gotten to scientifically geek out about something (referring to a recessive gene kidney disease that his new niece Sadie has been diagnosed with). I have to control myself, because a lot of strong atheists here try to use science to back-up their arguments. I have found that I can't get into any sort of discussion using science, because that's just never going to cut it for me, or for anyone else. Also, I have my spiritual and scientific knowledge tied together, and so there are some connections that make perfect sense in my brain that don't work for people without the spiritual background. It's tough sometimes. But good practice for me always keeping the spiritual things on a higher level than temporal/scientific.  Here’s an example of a street contact as told by Elder Brockbank:  “We started talking with a guy and found out that he is way into biology. We asked if he believed in God. He didn't. We asked why. He didn't know; he had just been raised this way. We told him we talk and discuss with people about how we can find out if God is there. He said he wasn't too interested and started to walk away. I ran after him and asked if we could meet with him once more. He stopped and said we could keep talking. He continued to explain that it was just the way he was raised. He had never learned about God so he has never believed in Him. He said it may have been different if he was born into a believing family. He said he wanted to believe but that it probably wasn't possible.”
  • Our APs are really good. They get along very well. Sometimes they are a little bit crazy, but I really enjoy working with them. We are working on that carry-over from a good street contact to someone to continue teaching. It is still a work in progress. But our numbers are certainly improving. 
  • I do like packages of Christmas cheer. I will keep my eye open for that one. I will get a nice nativity set. Actually two, one for me and one for you.
  • This morning we got up and as a District, ran through old town Prague and on Charles Bridge.

  • Blurry pictures of us running 

My spiritual thought is about perseverance. One of the things that I have gained a testimony of on my mission is that you keep going and keep going until you find the blessings. The Lord always follows through on His promises, but we have to meet the requirements. And one of those is that we continue on until we have done all that we can, and then the Lord makes up the rest. So my challenge to you is to keep going. Keep trying your best to be obedient, and I promise that the Lord will bless you for it. Thanks for the support and prayers!

-Elder Pickett 

 Love you lots too!

 We live on a pretty street

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