Monday, November 14, 2016

Plzen is AWESOME

Elder Croney and I with a member here. Who is actually Russian, 
but speaks almost flawless English.

I have almost no time for emailing today, because our P-day kind of exploded.  Lots of getting ready for things. We actually have a lesson in 15 minutes, and then FHE after so we will have to run.  That's why we ran out of time. And our P-Day has been a little crazy. But really good, we did everything we had to. Mostly. (Some information if from a bonus back and forth email with Mom last Monday on transfer day!)
  •  Plzen is AWESOME. I love being in a bit of a smaller city again, it reminds me a lot of C-bud in some ways. Also, here in the Czech Republic they have some big apartment buildings for mass housing (from communism days, we are all pretty sure) and we live in one of those. They are always in groups. It is very interesting. We live in Lochotin, an area here.  The church address is Zikmunda Wintra 7 (it is fun to Google Earth where Brad is serving)On transfer day, I arrived at noon in Plzen.  We taught a lesson to a really cool YSA investigator from England. It was a great lesson. And we ate lunch, bought a bus/tram pass for me, and had FHE . Then we bought food and had call-ins with the Assistants. A good first day in Plzen.  
  • I have heard about the election. Had a lot of people ask us about it on the streets actually. Pretty crazy wild. It's been weird to watch it develop at such a distance. We had a reporter come and ask for Elder Croney's opinion on it. He was allowed to comment, because the reporter took the time to ask the Bishop here, who called and talked to President about it. Elder Croney just said the church is neutral and we will try to support our president. We will see how that all goes.

  • It has been freezing cold this past week, but looks like it will warm up a little this week, which is good news for us. Yesterday evening we went tracting, and there was a bit of snow on the ground.

Our car shows us the temperature. And a little snowflake pops up to let you know when it's cold. Because the -1.5 C isn't enough for that sometimes.

The first snow! 
  • But Elder Croney is awesome. We are having a lot of fun together, working hard, playing hard, and eating plenty. He is really a fabulous example and companion, I really like him. He was my zone leader, so I have done call-ins with him every other week for the past transfer. This is his last transfer.
  • We have a few good progressing investigators, and are finding more as well. No baptismal dates yet, but we are close. Hopefully this week.
  • This week we have a special zone conference with a member of the area presidency, President Sabin. And then a missionary leadership conference the next day, which he will also be at. Both of those will be in Prague, so it will be a lot of traveling on Wednesday and Thursday. Our zone is Prague, C-Bud, and Plzen. Just three cities.  And there are 4 elders and 2 sisters here in Plzen: Elder Terry & Elder Merrill, Sister Andersen & Sister Miller, Elder Croney & me.

  • Scott shared with Brad that "the focus with the young men we are serving with is that all the YM will be mission bound and temple worthy at all times. That will be the measuring stick for us."  From Elder Pickett:  That is an excellent measuring stick. If that can be your focus and your standard at all times, you will turn out just fine in high school. Because that kind of drives most of the other good life choices, like diligent work and studies and all that good stuff. I think that everyone who goes on a mission finds some big changes in life. I already have, and I am only halfway through.

Spiritual thought for the week comes from my Dad’s email to me.  “Diligence is defined as consistent, valiant effort, especially in serving the Lord and obeying His word. Diligence takes preparation, hard work, faith, self-discipline and determination. However, as we are diligent in our work, the Lord will bless us beyond belief through experiences we will have by being an instrument in His hands.”  Thanks Dad for the thought about diligence. My companion is a great example of that actually, which I really appreciate. We are being very conscientious of how we are using out time, and try to be the most effective we can with it.  I challenge you all to be diligent in your efforts this week.

Love you lots!  Elder Pickett

Some pictures from my last days in the Mission Office and with my Prague District
President and Sister Pohorelicka
I am excited to be leaving the office but I will miss being around President P, that is true. He said bye to me on transfer day, and then said that we will still see each other soon which pretty awesome, so it is not really good-bye. . And he is awesome. Super friendly and very personable.

 Prague Pday fun- Elders Pickett & Brockbank, Sestra Brown, Boza, Heap

 Prague Stake Conference with Elder Brockbank

 Caroline spotted Elder Brad way in the background above the sister in the red.  Missionary family searching pictures!

Here are the Halloween zombies (from a care package from home), 
Elder Brockbank and I soaked & grew them while I was in Prague

Elder and Sister Scott (who sends and answers all the mission emails!) who serve in the Mission Office

Elder Hymas, the new Visa Elder taking my place and my office area
Elder Hymas has already called me a few times when I left for Plzen. Probably 5 or 6. 
I had Elder Belshe on speed dial when I took over from him.

Goodbye Elder Petersen 
I have also exchanged coats. I got a nicer one that doesn't look warmer, but actually is. It blocks the wind a whole lot better. It came from Elder Petersen, who is headed home on Thursday. . It is shorter and not as bulky, but I think it is going to be warmer. Which is good, because I am going to need warm this winter.

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