Tuesday, April 25, 2017

This Week (very thoughtful title!)

Plzen Elders eating some delicious food thanks to Sestra Andersen!  
(photo credit- Sestra Sadler) 
Hello everyone! This week was very strange. It feels both very short and very long. We had P-day last Tuesday, which messed up my time measurement, and then we went to Prague for MLC on Thursday. So it's been interesting. I will list some updates.
  • Sooooo....About pictures. This week I didn't do a great job. And then I forgot my card reader today. So next week, pinky promise.
  • Tuesday to Wednesday evening we had an exchange with Elder Raines and Elder Brockbank. I brought Elder Raines into our area, so that he could experience the glory of the Lochotin apartment, and Elder Anderson's P90X morning workouts. We had a good time, and he did a great job solo-contacting during our freezing cold singing display. We got some snow flurries on Wednesday. Nothing stuck, but it was pretty dang cold. We also had a great district meeting that day about urgency. We have a challenge from President right now to increase out urgency in missionary work and Elder Brockbank, with the help of other members of the district, did a great job explaining how we can do that. Sister Andersen and Elder Brockbank are doing great as trainers. They rock.
  • We also got to go to MLC (Mission Leadership Council) on Thursday, which was a great meeting. We talked a lot about finding, urgency, being effective with time, and some other things. It is going to be a good training at the beginning of May, we are really excited.

Roseville Stake Missionaries… Elder Pickett and Elder Trythall meet up at MLC 
(photo credit- Elder Trythall)

  • On Saturday we had two lessons basically at the same time, so we went on splits with the Bory elders to cover them both. It was a great time for teaching. Both of the lessons went really well, and we felt really good about them. We also got to have sports night with the Sister's investigator who has a baptismal date, and got to play some frisbee. Unfortunately our frisbee broke, but it still flies pretty well.
  • Yesterday we got to have another great lesson, and then we went home for food and to let Elder Anderson relax, because he is a little sick today. He slept in and we had a pretty down low P-day, hopefully he will be totally healed by tomorrow.
  • We'll see with our sassy Czech man L. He's an interesting one. As far as other people, we have a really cool guy J. who is an American student.  (He asked us a bit about politics. We told him we don't really know what's going on, and he said that was a blessing for us. Haha.)   He is looking for a church where he can feel that he belongs. He is really awesome, and has a fabulous understanding of faith. I really hope that he feels the Spirit tell him that this is the Church for him. We also have some others we need to set up with again. Mi., B., Ma., another Mi. And a few others.
  • I will for sure get a nice suit before I leave, because clothing prices here are unbeatable, and European suits are way better looking that American ones. Sorry, but that's just the truth. I haven't had to replace anything. I have inherited a few more belts from other missionaries, and I got those new shoes. I mainly just wear them for trainings and Sunday, but I am kind of slowly breaking them into missionary work. I will probably get a nicer, more fancy looking pair before I leave. My other shoes are starting to wear out, but not in a way that makes me think that they won't "endure to the end," so I should be fine there. I will also probably get some dress pants and maybe even shirts. I am slowly turning my wardrobe European as the need and proper sales arise.
  • Missions do great things for everyone. I would recommend  10/10 for all to go!
My spiritual thought this week is about the power of listening. Throughout this week I have had several reminders about how it is just as important to listen as it is to teach. We have to really listen to people in order to understand their perspectives, their needs, and the ways that the gospel can help them. I have recognized several times with listening has made a big difference in a conversation or contact, and it has helped me to know what to say and how to help someone, which is actually a promise in Preach My Gospel. So I challenge you all to listen up this week and learn some new things about people. Thanks for all the prayers and support!

-Elder Pickett

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