Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Hradec (the Castle) Králové (of the Queen)

New Hradec Králové District after transfers- Elder Pickett & Elder Beazer, 
Elder Paxton & Elder Gubler, Sestra Brown & Sestra Cyrier
No time for my main weekly email, sorry, but next week will be awesome, promise.  (blog update from our Mother’s Day Skype and responses to family emails this week)

 Hradec Králové

  • ·         Things are going great with Elder Beazer.  I served around him in Prague my first transfer there. He is a really cool guy and we get along really well. He is also a really hard worker, so we are getting stuff done.  He was Elder Trythall's follow-up trainer.
  • ·         The HK ward is awesome. That's the only way to describe it. They are fabulous. And the Bishop is great too. We feel like he could be a temple president in the future. He has that kind of disposition.
  • ·         Our teaching pool is pretty small right now, we are doing a lot of finding. But we have a recent convert who just got baptized last month who we are working with.
  • ·         Our zone covers the cities of Jicin, Liberec, Hradec Kralove, and Olomouc. It is a pretty big zone compared to the Prague Zone in terms of land size and also number of districts.
  • ·         You should never move to or travel to Europe if you don't like cities, that’s what exists here, other than nature and tiny little villages. No in-between option.
  • ·         As I packed after being in Pilsen for 6 mons, I left behind some American pants that I don't wear because they are too wide to be allowed in Europe. But other than that I think I fit everything. I have letters from the beginning of my mission, because I don't really want to throw any of them away (thank you!). That keeps filling up more and more with every area I leave from. 
Mother’s Day Skyping Q&A:     

                                                   Skype!  Czech Republic, California, Utah

  • Answering Alan’s question “What do you eat for breakfast?”  I have discovered this great cereal called Muesli.  I eat it every day.  There are 2 different kinds that I like, the first has white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate included.  The second kind is chocolate Muesli with chocolate pillows filled with chocolate.  (We laughed and said that sound more like dessert than breakfast! I googled “Czech Muesli chocolate cereal” and this is the closest I could find.)

  • ·         Answering Mom’s question “Do you know anything about the apartment you are moving into in HK?  Is it nice?”  Well nothing will be as bad as the Lochotín apartment I am in right now!  When Elder Brockbank became a trio with us, I made the executive decision that he would move in with us.  I knew his apartment was way nicer but Elder Tingey was completing his mission in 3 weeks and he would have to pack, unpack and repack.  And I would also have to pack!  Another considerations is that we have a car and we have parking at our apartment.  Elder Brockbank’s Pilsen apartment is on the namaste with no close or free parking.  When we went to get Elder Brockbank packed and moved, Elder Tingey could not BELIEVE that we were not moving in there!  He had never seen it before!
  • ·         Brad mentioned his concern about fitting everything into his suitcases after 6 mons of being in Pilsen.  So we talked about clothing that he should leave behind at the end of his mission in the missionary apartment to pass on to another Elder.  And we also talked about some clothing items that started white and aren’t so white anymore!  We told him to just throw away his “white” shirts at the end of his mission, they will be too gray to pass along.  And we all encouraged him to get some hip European clothing before he comes home.
  • ·         Brad would be talking about certain cities and names and would be pronouncing them beautifully in Czech, nothing close to our “American” way of saying them!  We would continually ask him to repeat the pronunciation, we would TRY to duplicate it and then we would all laugh because we sound horrible.  The Czech speakers roll their “R’s” and then add a little something extra.  We do NOT have any of that!  
Love, Elder Pickett

Goodbye MTC Sestras who completed their missions- Sister Humphries, Sister Andersen, Sister DeMann, Sister Heap, Sister Polořelická & Pres Pohořelický , Elder Bednar (Slovakia)

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