Monday, July 31, 2017

This Week in Zlín

This last week was accompanied by pleasant weather and plenty of time to talk to people. Here are some highlights.
  • We have found that not having a car in this area anymore makes things a little tougher for tracting, and working with some people we know. It has been an adventure, but luckily we have plenty of public transportation experience.  We haven't been to Prague, so I haven't got my driving permit.  And our car has been relocated to Prostějov, they picked it up from us. So we are carless. It should be interesting, and we have no idea when and if the car is coming back here. We almost got stranded in UH yesterday after church for a few extra hours, but some members going back to Zlín gave us a ride. Our only bus options were 4 hours apart...
  • We met a lot of cool people this week, including a guy named Leo, who was on roller skates. He is actually leaving in a few weeks to go study in New Jersey, so that was fun.
  • Church was awesome, with some awesome talks. And we have an American I got to translate for, which was good.
  • The sisters are in UH too. We are alone here in Zlín. We go there for District meeting every-other week, and weekly for church. And today for P-day. My District is made up of newer to the mission missionaries- Elder Gauldin is in his 6th transfer, my companion Elder Robinson is in his 4th transfer, and Elder Raines and Sestras Ludlow & Hayden are in their 3rd transfer. Being a district leader is a whole lot more stressful than being a Zone Leader actually. It is kind of weird but in a good way.  Czech is going pretty ok for people. Elder Robinson and I are focusing our language studies this transfer on improving his Czech speaking since he is understanding people ok. Our zone leaders are Elders Lovell and Collins. Elder Lovell is like a missionary wizard. He is awesome. And Elder Collins is a great too. I look forward to exchanges.
  • The Czech food you ate and sent pictures of last week looked pretty authentic!  I have probably eaten most of those dishes here before. (since we got no pictures from Brad, we are including our own Czech food pictures!)
 Beef goulash and dumplings

Cheese Pierogi (Varenyky) and Bratwurst & Dill Sauce
Fruit dumplings- Svestkove Knedliky- 
missionaries in Plzen are invited over for a Knedliky challenge to eat 14 of these!!  Ahhh....

  • Praying for charity was actually a commitment that I gave at District Meeting last week, because I realized how necessary it is for us here. UH is a similar situation to Zlín as far as people and experiences with missionaries. We are going to try and get creative this week with finding. We will see how it goes, but I think that we can get in contact with different and new people and that we can have success. It should be good.
Sorry, no more time. Have a great week!
Love, Elder Pickett

PS- Mom, I am fine with you letting me know of after-mission-plans with schooling and that kind of stuff. I have thought a tiny bit about classes, because I know that is a necessary thing to plan. Maybe wait until next transfer (his last?!) to tell me about "party" plans with the family if that's ok.

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