Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Great Week in Zlín

Service. We went out to a forest to help Bro Kvasníčka, a member who owns some land there. 
It was pretty tiring, but also really good. 

My week was pretty great:
  • We will be in UH today, we are going for a hike and some fun, so I might be able to use the computer at their building to send off pictures. We will see. I don't have time to address it all (our emailing thing here kicks us off automatically after 80 minutes and I will save time for pictures later)
  • Our district is good.  It is a pretty young district. Lots to do as District Leader, but all good things. I am trying to think of a way to sum everyone up...Elder Gauldin is a pretty calm and collected dude, who is also pretty funny. Elder Raines is all about positivity and is pretty funny as well. Elders Raines, Gauldin and Robinson all played football and other sports in high school, so even though I am the oldest, I am pretty small compared to them. It's kind of funny. Sister Ludlow and Sister Hayden are full of faith and doing great things.
Our district eating sandwiches (photo- Sestra Ludlow)
  • Everyone's Czech is coming along well. Elder Gauldin basically speaks and knows Czech better than I do already, he's got some skills. The rest of the district is doing great. With Czech as well as with the work.
  • When we were in Prague, we did see the Heaps (Sestra Heap is from Brad’s MTC group and she is visiting the Czech Republic with her family), for about 13 second before we literally ran out the door to catch a train. We wouldn't have made it, but it ended up being an hour late, so we lucked out big time. Thanks for the awesome package, I am enjoying everything, and even sharing some candy so my companion is enjoying it as well.
  • I didn't get my license, I am not really expecting the car back any time soon. It is okay, we are doing just fine without it. It's different, and a little inconvenient, but it's all good.
  • Upcoming activities: Zone conference will be Thursday, and we are going to the Wallace Toronto Foundation project which will happen in Brno this transfer, which will be great.
  • We got to go to Prague for an exchange and had some rad group finding here. We have also met a few really cool people that will set up eventually.
  • And we had some really successful group finding here in Zlín, so we have some new people to set up with and some lessons already set-up . It should be good.
  • The weather fluctuates between very nice and burning hot, which is a little obnoxious, but no heat stroke so far, so that is a good sign.

“I invite you to place all of your trust in God and in the teachings of His prophets. I invite you to renew your covenants with God, to serve Him with all your heart, regardless of the complex situations of life.” Thanks Dad for the spiritual thought from Elder Soars’ last conference address and reminding me that we are blessed immensely when we do put our faith and trust in God and go forward.  I will keep on keeping on. Have an awesome week.

Elder Pickett

Last week we took a little walk along a trail to see if it led to houses. 
It didn't, just the middle of a forest.

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