Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 2 of Transfer 2. The Week of Destiny.

Pictures this week came from the cameras of Elder Pickett, 
Elder Dean and Sestra DeMann!  No caption to this picture...?

Probably not what this week actually will be, but I like to pretend. Also, it has kind of a snappy title. Almost like those "hooks" we learned to start essays with, and then were told not to use anymore later. This week has been, as always, spectacular. That is the great thing about being a missionary. Even when it's hard, it's awesome! So here as the weekly updates:
  • Elder Galbraith and his parents came back into C-Bud to do some sight-seeing/people meeting. They also took the missionaries out to dinner on Thursday, and came to Friday game night. We had a fun adventure of going back and forth from English to Czech all throughout the evening. Also, it was super fun to not be the one who was the most lost anymore when someone was speaking Czech! That was cool.
 From Elder Galbraith’s parents: “Thought you would enjoy a picture of your missionary.  We're having dinner together and having a great time. Everyone is happy and healthy.”

  • Also, I think for the very first time in my mission, I had a several contacts this week alone, in which I was actually successful at having a conversation, completely in Czech! I consider that a great milestone for me in terms of the language. Although I still miss details of what is going on, I no longer feel paralyzed with my inability to understand. I have faith that I can understand enough to carry on the conversation and keep it pointed towards the gospel. It was really cool to be talking to a woman in the park here, and realize after our conversation ended, that I had just had a full conversation, and she had understood what I was saying, I had understood what she was saying, and we had really talked! It was a great experience for me, and one that I am extremely grateful to see.
  • Also, a cool miracle for the week. On our way walking home from a lesson, we were flagged down by an older gentleman on a bike, who I didn't recognize. Initially I thought he was a former investigator, but through our conversation we learned he is actually a less active member. So, since it was Saturday, we obviously invited him to church the next day, and he came! So that was great. We don't usually have people flag us down and start conversations. We were a little okay with it. In fact, we could probably survive if it happened more.
  • Staying in the same city but having a new companion means some repeat sightseeing visits on pday.  But that is great because there is so much to see.  Our district went to Třeboň.

Elder Dean- new companion

 The Schwarzenberg Family Vault.
District photo!  
 Everyone is taking pictures of the meal.

Also, we found, the COOLEST little restaurant in Třeboň. We asked a local for a recommendation, and boy did he deliver. It was literally like a restaurant out of Disneyland. Very cheap too. All in all, a successful P-Day.

  • We had some unfortunate Halusky on Sunday (carrying on Elder Galbraith’s tradition). We kind of ran out of time, and it was undercooked. So it rather turned out to be undercooked potato noodles with flour. You know what though? Still not totally terrible.
  •  And don't worry about me starving. Some missionaries are rather...unwise in how they spend money.  Luckily, I hate spending money whenever I don't need to, and I learned excellent budgeting from Elder Galbraith. He never let his desire for chocolate get him to spend too much money. It is a pattern I plan to follow my whole mission. I did run out of money my first month, because of travel, and the need for a bus pass (I bought it for 3 months), but luckily I had a very nice mission “father” (that’s the term for your mission trainer), so he didn't let me starve. Basically, I am good on food. Promise.
·         I am getting some letters, at random times. Also, thanks for the care package through the Galbraiths! That was awesome. For birthday gifts...candy. Especially fruit candy. They've got chocolate covered quite thoroughly here in Europe, but they can't do Skittles right. Or Starburst. Maybe can I put in a special request for Starburst jelly-beans. Other than that, I don't really need anything, nor do I have much room to take big things with me.

Spiritual thought: Today I want to talk about honesty. I have been reading a lot in the Book of Mormon about how the Nephites became increasingly more wicked due to the secret combinations of the Gadianton Robbers. If you need some sort of clarification on how the Lord views secret combinations, go read that section of the Book of Mormon. Honesty is critical for us. And with honesty, I wanted to address one thing in particular. I don't just mean speaking the truth. I mean doing and saying things with true intentions behind them. My challenge to you all this week is that you will make sure that your words truly reflect your heart (always being polite of course). I know that as we do this, we will feel the Spirit of the Lord more abundantly in our lives, and can feel more confident asking others, and the Lord, for help.
Thanks for the prayers and support!

-Elder Pickett

Svickova with Kofola from our favorite Czech Restuarant. 
In my opinion, the best meal on earth.

To answer a couple of Mom's questions:

  • Elder Dean will run. We haven't this past week. It really depends on president Chrdle's schedule. We will probably run a few times this week at some point. Usually 3ish mornings a week.
  • We actually have a washer in our bathroom! It's a little one, but works perfectly for us. And dryers don't really exist in this country,  so we hang things behind one of our doors.

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