Monday, March 21, 2016


This week was delightful. We had lots of fun times, a few mishaps, and some good adventures. It was, all-in-all, a typical week in the life of a Czech/Slovak missionary. Probably any missionary really, but I can only speak for myself. So, here are some weekly updates.

 Our C-Bud District- Sestra DeMann, Sestra Manners, Starsi Dean, Starsi Pickett
pday fun!

Cesky Krumlov
  • This week we had exchanges for a day with the Zone Leaders from Plzen. They both came in by train early, stayed for District Meeting, and then Elder Breyman and I went up to Plzen for the day afterwards. Then Thursday morning, Elder Dean and Elder Cook came to Plzen, Elder Cook stayed, and Elder Dean and I took the train back. It was a really fun exchange. I bought a 24 hour tram pass in Plzen, and we ended up spending most of the day on the trams, which are kind of like the cable cars of San Francisco, only all indoor, actually convenient, and from this century (most of them). This results in solo contacting, basically the whole time, because we separate and go to each end of the tram and just start contacting people until we get to our stop or meet in the middle. I did a lot of asking people to repeat themselves, but had a good time, and a few good conversations. Including with a gentleman who literally only talked about American Politics (I barely even know anything that's happening right now with that, nor do I know ANY words for that in Czech). He already knew who I was, and it wasn't until part way into the conversation that I realized he was ranting a lot about "George Bush." It was great fun.
  • We also went out of C-Bud about 20 minutes by bus in order to pick up GREEN LDS HYMN BOOKS IN CZECH! Which I promptly forgot to take a picture of. Unfortunately. But they are awesome, and contain 203 hymns! (Church materials are constantly being translated into other languages so it's so fantastic when something that we enjoy is available to Saints in other countries.)
  • Today was the first real conversation I felt like I have ever been a part of in Czech that wasn't about the gospel (it was while we were getting out hair cut). That was kind of interesting. Still have no idea what people are saying a lot of the time, but it's getting there, slowly but surely.
  • Also this week in C-Bud, there was a super cool Easter Market on the main square. We got a bit of food there during a lunch hour on day. But I don't have any pictures of it, because we aren't supposed to use our cameras while proselyting.  And for some utterly bizarre reason, the Easter Market lasted from last Thursday until yesterday. So it's already gone! That was a major bummer. Because there were some cool little Easter trinkets and lots of tasty food I haven't tried yet. But hopefully I can find it during Christmas time.
Spiritual thought for the week is about the weather. Sometimes, the weather is unpredictable. Sometimes it is warm. Sometimes it is cold. Sometimes it snows a lot. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes it is terrible outside. But, every single day, the sun will rise (even if we can't see it). And there will be some light. It can be the same with life. Sometimes, it is tough, sometimes it is easy, sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are sad. But there are always positive things we can focus on, sometimes we just have to let go of those things we can't control. So be positive people! And let go of things you can't control. Trust that the Lord is at your side and He will help because. Because He will. I've seen it myself.
-Elder Pickett

 Cesky Krumlov- companions Starsi Dean & Starsi Pickett

The gardens were open this week in Cesky Krumlov!

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