Monday, February 6, 2017

Another Fast Week!

Today at the request of Elder Brockbank we went to an exhibit of recycled plastic. 
This is me pretending to be deep and cultured enough to appreciate art, 
and also a cool multicolored, plastic peacock.

Hello everyone! We had a bit of a crazy week, but a good one as well. We had two exchanges and some good lessons and some interesting lessons.
  • We left Monday evening to go to Prague and start an exchange with the office Elders, Elder Hymas and Elder Swink . Due to the crazy schedule we ended up helping the elders getting things ready and loading a car for Zone Training and the next day going to get packages from the mail. After 2 failed attempts I almost had a meltdown and we went to a Mexican Restaurant to eat burritos and wait for the workers to change and try again. Then we met a very nice older lady and she solved all of our problems. It was kind of like a flashback for Elder Tingey and me to our office days, but it was good.  I think it helped that we had office experience.
  • We already had C-Bud Elders here with us 2 weeks ago. I was with the new missionary, and that was super fun. He doesn't understand too well what people are saying but he just goes for it anyways.  Elder Smith (from my MTC District) is his trainer this transfer. And they are killing it in C-Bud. That city is on fire right now.
  • We had a lesson with P., our investigator who has a baptismal date next month, and he is doing great! He found work and a place to live here, and he decided he is not going to move to Liberec like he planned to. He wasn't able to come to church this week since he was being an extra in a film. But next week he should be there again. He has really found just what he is looking for in the Gospel, and it is truly great to see. We are teaching some other people as well, but he is our main guy and making the most progress. We are still working with L., and have some other good people as well.
  • We also had an exchange with the other Elders here in Plzen. I went with Elder Terry, and we visited an investigator and less active in a neighboring city. It was a nice, scenic train ride there.
The Plzen District- Elders Pickett & Tingey, Elders Brockbank & Terry, 
Sestras Valentine & Andersen
  • Working with Elder Tingey is good. We get each other a lot, and have the same thought process with many different things. Elder Tingey has taught me to keep up with calling our investigators and people we are working with. Also keeping a clean apartment. Also how to set good goals at the end of a mission.
 Our apartment

  • Other than that our week was pretty normal. We had a good amount of lessons, and a good amount of time talking to people. We are hoping that our investigators will keep making progress and feeling the Spirit.
  • The weather was amazing yesterday and today, but is supposed to freeze again tomorrow. I am pretty down with winter at this point, but oh well. It's decently cold, but my body is much more used to it this year than last. And we have a shoebox full of hot hands here in our apartment. So we are good to go on those.
  • Current events are pretty nuts. People still ask us what we think of Trump when they find out we are from the US. That's always fun. (Brad has been gone since Oct 2015 so other than our email information, he is completely out of the political loop.)
For my spiritual thought I wanted to talk about the Book of Mormon. We talk about how important it is in our testimonies of Joseph Smith all the time, but sometimes I think that we forget that it is also foundational in our understanding and testimony of Jesus Christ and His role as our Savior and Redeemer. I want to testify that as we study and read the Book of Mormon, and as we apply the doctrines taught in it, we will truly find ourselves coming closer to the Savior, and finding more joy in life. So keep reading the Book of Mormon! Thanks for the support and prayers!

-Elder Pickett

This is a cool Czech bridge. I see a lot, but I felt like taking a picture of this one.

This is the third largest  Jewish synagogue in the world and a theater that is next to it.
Photo credit to Elder Brockbank


Elder Brockbank & Elder Tingey being blinded by science!  
We went to a science place called Techmania last week on pday and took pictures with our faces pushing out pixels. I am the top one at an odd angle.


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