Monday, February 20, 2017

It Was a Weird Week


Here's our district at Sister Juraskova's for lunch.

(Instead of the typical Ahoj greeting, Mom added Rád slyšel od vás.)  Yea, that Czech was kind of close, just missing some important things (you're a woman, and not a man like the sentence says, there's a word missing, and we know each other and are family, so it would be the informal form of you.) But other than that, basically perfect. So here are the highlights, it was a weird week.  

  • Way to go with the senior couples video, that's exactly what we need! Thanks for the help. We are going to be in need of them soon, and so we are marketing ourselves a bit. There is some kind of database with missions for seniors, but for some reason we are not on there, which is lame, because our mission is stinking awesome. If you could share this on Facebook, and help us market our awesome mission that would be stellar! Thanks!  
  • This is a link for why senior couples should come to our mission.
  • Unfortunately P. dropped us this week. It was a really surprising and not too fun lesson. He said he was done investigating the church.
  • Finding is not going well for us right now. We are just not having success with it. We are trying to find new ways of finding, and get outside the box a little. The biggest excuses are that they don't have any time, or that they aren't interested. Probably more of the first one honestly. All the time. We try to talk with people whenever it is at all possible.  
From Elder Brockbank: "Here is a picture of us contacting people. We drew the 
plan of salvation on the ground and then tried to talk to people about it." 
  • We had Mission Leadership Council (MLC) on Tuesday with lots of good discussions about the mission and what we need as missionaries. We also taught L. on Sunday, that was good.
  • We had a transfer this week with Elder Brockbank joining us in a trio and Elder Terry being called back to Prague to work in the office. Our trio is good! We drove Elder Terry to Prague on Wednesday and moved Elder Brockbank in with us.

Here are some random photos of my companions.

  • An investigator from Prague came and visited and we spent some time with him on Saturday. He really likes Elder Tingey, so he came to Plzen to visit him.

 Elder Tingey with the investigator, and Elder Brockbank and me on a tram

Spiritual thought… Pondering is something I have learned a lot about on my mission. It can be so easy to get caught up in the constant "to-do list" of life that we forget why we even do the things that we do. Pondering helps us reevaluate and prepare and seek the Lord's guidance. It is great. Thanks for the uplifting emails and thoughts each week, they are awesome!
Elder Pickett

I bought new brown shoes last week. From a nice Czech store, but I got them for around $40. They had a good sale. 

   We make yummy food. This is fried rice.  From Elder Tingey: “I know how to cook now mom!”    

Elder Brockbank likes animals.

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