Monday, September 4, 2017

It Got a Bit Cold and Rainy in Zlín

 District traveling- Elders Gauldin, Raines, Pickett & Sestras Ludlow, Hayden, Elder Robinson

Sorry this is short, I have to go to make our train for our vylet today! We won't make it over to the place we can email pictures. (Mom has a couple from last week to share)
  • Last week I forgot to explain all about P. (luckily we had Elder Robinson's report!) We went contacting last Sunday, all day long, and nobody really wanted to talk with us. And we were walking along the river here in Zlín, and Elder Robinson wanted to sit and read the Book of Mormon for a minute, to get through some pages we needed to read. So we did. And after we read a little, we turned towards home, because it was getting close to dinner. And a biker came riding past us, and said something to us, but we didn't understand it. Then he got off his bike a little ways ahead of us and stopped and waited for us. We started talking to him and it turns out we talked with him on Friday, and he didn't have time to talk, and he asked us who we were and what we are doing here. So we talked with him for about 25-30 minutes about prayer and faith, and he told us that he has recently been thinking more about religion, because he has had 2 pretty big surgeries due to injuries. We talked for a while and got his phone number. We are going to meet with him this Wednesday. And as we were discussing a place to meet, we found out that his office is next door to ours, which is pretty crazy.

Repeat picture… but he’s still Starsi Pickett!
  • This week was semí-warm, and then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were cold and semi-rainy. Which was a pretty nice change.
  • Church is awesome. The ward here is great. They are super nice and we have good relationships with just about everyone. Our ward mission leader is cool, he is planning a grill party for next week after church. Kind of a back-to-school mini-barbeque.
  • We heard a little about the flooding in Houston. One of the Sisters from here is from that area, but she said that her house is not underwater, which is lucky. That is a crazy amount of damage. Nature does some pretty powerful stuff. Thanks for the pictures from Elder Galbraith’s dad.
  • As far as girls, 2 Elders I know in my mission have girlfriends at home. Looks like one is actually going to make it as long as she can hold out for 2 more transfers. One of my former companions had a serious girlfriend at home, she broke things off and she got married 2 weeks ago. Some Elders get pretty broken up about girlfriends changing their minds. And some Elders write-off their girlfriends.  Another companion did that at the beginning of his mission, 3rd transfer.
 Burning some photos of a “former” girlfriend

  • Crazy fun missionary stuff. I am pretty sure that the Schwiegers served in the same mission as Jitka Svobodová from Plzeň.  Almost positive actually. She knows them.  I  saw Elder Andiarena, who was in the Prague District with me last summer, last week when I was on an exchange in Brno. He came back to visit, and he is still doing good. What the what. Daniel gets home this week? I didn't even realize that. That is craziness...  Glad you get to hear Sestra Cade's homecoming talk.
  • How do you say hello in Czech? Depends on how formal you want to be. If you want to be formal you say dobrý den. If you want to be semi-casual you say ahoj. If you are not sure if you should be formal or casual you say zdravím. And if you are just being casual you say čau, ahoj, or nazdar. My personal favorite is nazdar.

My spiritual thought is similar to a thought my Dad sent me, I love the old conference talks. You find some good pulpit pounding talks in there. There is a really good one I read the other day from April 1979, it is called "Following Christ to Victory" by Hartman Rector Jr.   I would recommend this one! Have a great week!

Love you lots, Elder Pickett

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