Monday, June 5, 2017

Hot, With a Chance of Rain

No pictures this week so we will look at Elder Pickett eating ice cream last year in C-Bud! (update... Elder Beazer's family came through with pictures!!)

The subject line sums up the weather for this past week. We were eating melting ice cream, which alternated getting rained on suddenly and violently, for a period of about 30 minutes. Quite the adventure. Some of the other highlights:
  • We went to visit a former investigator, and we got lost several times on the way there due to closed highways between cities, which created a navigational problem because we don't have a GPS. We finally found the city, in the pouring rain, and finally found the street, but never the house. At one point we had to pull-off and stop because it was pouring so hard we couldn't see anything. She ended up calling an apologizing, she accidentally wrote down our visit on a different day and wasn't even home. But she will be in HK next week, so we set up a lesson. It was quite an adventure.
  • We also had exchanges with Elder Paxton and Elder Gubler here in HK. That was fun. Still in the same city, but we visited a member who lives an hour or so outside of HK by train. It was a fun and quite warm trip. Trains don't usually have AC, so we were nice and toasty.
Elder Paxton, Elder Beazer, Elder Pickett, Elder Gubler, former Czech missionary visiting!

  • We also had MLC  (Mission Leadership Council) on Wednesday, followed by a great singing display. MLC was great, it felt like we were very unified there, and we had some great ideas for the mission. Also, after the singing display we went to the concert of the Bishop's daughter here, who is handicapped. The school she goes to had a dance recital with a band in the background of a love story in a little village in the Czech Republic. Probably one of the most wonderful things I have ever seen in my life.
(Photo credit:  Elder Beazer)  The school program- including the Bishop’s daughter

  • Other than that we have been working hard to find new people this week, with limited success. We are going to keep going though, and we are confident that we are going to see success this week.
  • I am trying to keep that intensity and focus up that Elder Russell M. Nelson talked about in the last conference, “Faith in Jesus Christ propels us to do things we otherwise would not do. Faith that motivates us to action gives us more access to His power.”   I think it is going well, but I feel like I am not really seeing the results from it yet. I think I am also getting a chance to exercise patience. Hopefully it goes well.
  • I did get the birthday package! I got it on Wednesday when we had MLC. It has just been a while since I went to Prague, so that was the problem.  I am enjoying the pictures and delicious candy. And Elder Beazer is enjoying the candy too.
  • As Zone Leaders, we always get to proselyte. Even when we have Missionary Leadership Council (like we did this Wednesday) we still got 2 hours of finding in. We normally try to do Zone Leader stuff during studies, on P-day, and at night so that it doesn't take up extra time. Sometimes it doesn't totally work out and we have to take some extra time, but we try to limit that. We go on exchanges when we plan them. We are doing 1 a week right now, we have 4 district leaders to go out with, and we have been with 2 so far. Our 3rd is on plan for Thursday. We are going to Olomouc. The Zone isn't too spread out, and HK is right in the middle. We have about 1.5 hours to Liberec, a different direction to Olomouc, and Jicin is basically on the way to Liberec  about 45 minutes away. So no too crazy.
Castle picture (not sure the city)
  • (Follow up answer to Mom regarding moving all his luggage during transfers) I do use the secret suitcase strap when I transfer. The main problem is that not all train stations have elevators, and when I have to go up and down 2 flights of stairs, I have to unclip the carry-on suitcase so I can carry them up and take 2 trips since I have 3 suitcases. That's where the true madness happens.
My spiritual thought for the week is on exercise. Kind of an odd one, but bear with me. At church we talked about the creation, and how we are commanded to use God's creations wisely. That includes our own bodies. One of the things I have found on my mission is how much I enjoy exercise. Not starting it, but afterwards. Usually the day after I am sore when it is a really good workout, but it is such a refreshing feeling to run around, sweat a little, and use the human body well. So I challenge you all to exercise, and pay attention to how you feel about 20 minutes after you finish. Have a great week!

-Elder Pickett

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