Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Almost No Time...

Our HK District with returned missionary Sister Baxter (who came for a visit)

This week was awesome with teaching people! We had 4 or 5 first lessons, and everyone came, which is a rare event. We had lots of good discussions, and set up 2nd lessons with everyone, which will be great. I will give a quick sum up of our week.
  • On Tuesday we had a lesson with L., a YSA who is studying here. His best friend is a believer and so he has talked about faith a lot with him, but doesn't know if he believes in God or not. We talked a lot about prayer and about how he can find that God exists. We will meet with him tomorrow. That night walking home from English we met another person who set-up with us. He is a believer, but hasn't had too many experiences with churches or scriptures. We will see what happens.
  • On Wednesday we drove to a small village to meet with a mom named K. She met with the missionaries a few years ago until she moved to Germany and lost contact, but she is back now and really cool. We talked about how God can help her to know how to better raise her children, and how he wants to help us with our everyday lives. We are hopefully going to meet with her again this week and talk about how she can find God for herself.
  • We also had an Exchange in Jičín with the missionaries there. I was with Elder Belshe in Jičín, and on Thursday,  I think I talked to the entire city. It is very small. Other than a quick run-in with the cops and being with Elder Belshe in general, nothing too crazy happened.
  • We try to offer service often, especially while tracting. Czechs tend to be somewhat prideful though, and most men tell us "I've got it covered." But we try it and it gives a good impression about us. 
  • Our weather is quite warm. The humidity is higher, but the temperature is lower. Basically heat here is like CA heat, I think it feels the same. 

Elders Beazer, Gubler, Paxton, Pickett and Sestras Brown, Cyrier

  • Almost no time to email, because we had a crazy fun P-day. We went with our 19 year old ward mission leader, his 15 year old sister, and one of the sister's investigators on a super cool hike. It was through an area called Adršpach -Teplice Rocks, which is apparently where they filmed some of Narnia. It was super beautiful and totally worth it, but planning didn't totally work in our favor and because of that we have very limited emailing time.

(Amazing pictures of the rock formations from an internet search!) 

That's basically it. Expect lots of awesome pictures and a spiritual thought next week when I have a little more time.

-Elder Pickett

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